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S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off"

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S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Empty S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off"

Post by Trixie Lulamoon on Sun May 29, 2016 4:00 pm

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00002
Two ponies spend an episode going to the spa. Sounds like a pleasant enough Saturday for this show.

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00015
You can totally trust Twilight, AJ, she can follow a list like no one's business!

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00025
"This isn't the Sports and Fitness Center?" You pampered little girly girl, Dashie!

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00038
Geez what a line, they must give great happy endings...

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00052
Whoa, how big is this spa, they gotta be using Timelord tech.

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00061
Broken spa? AJ Fix-It to the rescue! All she needs is more horse-power!

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00067
Maybe AJ made this a bit overcomplicated, Twily had to go full on Ethan Hunt mode LOL!

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00073
How most big city folks view farmers and ranchers.

S06E10 "Applejack's Day Off" Vlcsnap_00088
Chores done, it's Miller time. Oh hi again Dashie, you should totally hit the sauna with us. hehehe
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