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The Story of Why This Website Was Created

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The Story of Why This Website Was Created

Post by MyLittleCarouselPony on Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:02 pm

The Story of Armor King ( posted here with the permission of the author )

Posted by Thistle on Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:47 pm
The Story of Armor King
By Thistle Whistle
Illustrated by Discord

Once upon a time was a happy land called Mlpfimforums. Everypony got along there quite well, and everypony loved to have friendly conversations. Never would they have thought that beast would come, one quite horrible. It was called...

Armor King.

When a young filly who held much power over the village who went by the name of Trixie departed for a while, she never checked back to see how the village was doing, and eventually she moved to a new village far, far away. When she went on vacation, she decided to check on her old village. She talked with her old friends for a while, then left for an even longer time.

She would always see a picture of the village when she socialized with her friend, Mr. Mac Computer. Mr. Computer would always remind her of her old village, and she'd ignore him. But once, she accidentally checked on her village. How? It was the fault of the sneaky Computer.

She marched through the happy gates and went into the sad town. The beast was still attacking, and most of the villagers had fled to a place called Chaosismagic. Only a few people stayed to fight the storm and restore the land for everyone. But the beast was brutal, and it would fight back, quite hard.

Each person would fight the beast, until one day, a group of knights called the Forumotion Staff ridded him, but the village was still destroyed, and Trixie had to admit defeat. She packed up her things and left with one other person who survived, a new type of pony named Xylo.

Together, they rebuilt a new town bordering Chaosismagic, the very one you stand in today. It is not what it used to be, but it is slowly healing, and no more beasts will rage through this town.

And that is the story of Armor King.



The above fairy-tail style story is based on a series of events that actually happened.

I had joined the old MLP-FIM website late last summer. It was about three weeks later that several trolls and spammers invaded the website, and began posting foul and obscene content. It was at that time that I found out that the old website had been abandoned by the Admin and all of the Mods, except for one brave little pony Mod called Trixie. Without the leadership and support of the Admin, most of the members fled the website and created their own website under the leadership of a Brony called Discord. A few ponies, under the guidance of Trixie, stayed to try and fight the trolls and spammers. But Trixie, Eddie, Xylo, and the others were no match for the fiercest and most depraved of the trolls, a mighty one called Armor King. The Mighty One had two abilities in his arsenal that allowed him to steamroller over any website that he decided to attack. First was his ability to reincarnate himself as many times and as often as necessary to become fresh, new members to continue the assault on the hapless website. On the old website he was also known as Arthos, the Litch King, Applef***er, Mr. Anderson, and many others. Secondly, he would unleash a Katrina storm of pornography and porn images, because, to use his own words, " Porn is all over the Internet, so why not ? " . After the battle, the old website lay in ruins, with spam and porn all over the threads. Armor King's only reason for doing this to a website devoted to all things cute and pretty about My Little Pony is shown in his own words, paraphrased below---

" I am very, very good at creating individuals in cyberspace. I create them from my own imagination and from the profiles on Facebook. And I have way too much time on my hands, way to much time. . . . "

Somehow, someway, the storm abated, and the website began to be cleaned up. By whose hand, I don't know. Maybe it was Trixie's efforts to stem the flood of porn, maybe it was Xylo's undercover work, or maybe it was an action by the owner of the software, Forumotion. Could it have been maybe a dash of Divine Providence, or a change of heart by Armor King, who knows ? Three ponies, Trixie, Eddie, and Xylo began to slowly clean-up and restore the website, when another wave of trolls and spam hit the website. The new leader was a troll called BAE Brony, who was enamored with all things weapon-based, warlike, and military. Once again the forum was filled with spam, but thankfully, not much porn. If it broke my heart to see the Katrina storm the first time ( it did ! ), it broke my heart and ground it up into little bits of glass fragments to see that happen again, and to face the fact that myself, as well as the others, could not defend the old website in any meaningful way. This second attack galvanized me into doing something that I normally would not do. I would sharpen up my computer skills, and create an approximate duplicate of the old website. The successor website, the replacement of the old website is what you see here.

In all fairness, I have to say that Armor King is probably in not a " bad " person, although I did refer to one of his minions called 'Trick' as " Pure Evil " in one of our conversational exchanges. This person's personality behind all of the cyber personalities is probably 10 % usable and 90 % unwanted at the moment, either by grievous outside factors, or by his own mental disposition. My wish is that Armor King may come to see the futility of his capricious conquer and conquest efforts, and come to understand the good principals behind the My Little Pony stories and animation, and to find real friendship, from me or others, within the Brony, Pegasister, and My Little Pony communities.

So now this new website continues the tradition of fun and conversation about My Little Pony from the old website. Will it be the target of another Katrina storm by Armor King or other trolls and spammers ? I don't know. But know this, the Twin Spirits of My Little Pony--- " To Love and Tolerate " and " Friendship is Magic " --- will never be defeated, and will live on. . . . !

Authored by MyLittleCarouselPony, on the day of the opening of this website, Oct 5th, 2012.

I wish to thank Trixie/Thistle, and the god of Chaos, Discord for their generous assistance, for without their help, this website would not have been possible.

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