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Shoko's delemia Empty Shoko's delemia

Post by Xylo,TheCarouselPony on Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:34 pm

When Shoko was introduced as the new transfer student to the public school, it seems as if every other student either ignored her, or worse yet, was displeased with her presence. Later, when the Special Ed teacher, Kita, proposed that the class begin to gradually learn sign language to be able to effectively communicate with Shoko, only one student was willing to do so---Miyoko Sahara. Shoko noted that Miyoko was the only student that put her hand up when called upon to help learn sign language. Even at this younger age, Miyoko already had strong empathy and compassion. She observed Shoko being ignored and mistreated, and wanted to help any way that she could. First off, learn sign language, so that she could talk to Shoko without the slow process of using her notebook.

That afternoon at noontime lunch, Shoko is approached by Miyoko. Shoko is asked to sign her name, and Miyoko's name, too ! A friend at last! , Shoko must have thought. But friendship with Shoko turned out to come at a very high price. Later that day in the school hallway, Shoko and Miyoko are seen walking together. This elicits jeers and cruel remarks about the two newly formed friends. Shoko, of course could not hear the vile speech, but Miyoko was shocked and mortified. The next day of class, Miyoko was absent. It is later found out that she withdrew from public school that very day, rather than endure the social torture needed to be Shoko's only friend.

Many year go by before Shoko will see this special girl and friend again. Shoya talks Shoko into renewing contact with Miyoko. They travel by the train, with both Shoko and Shoya standing by a side door, silent as mixed emotions are assaulting both of them. After a while, Shoko begins texting, saying that she is glad to be searching for her sixth grade friend, Miyoko, and follows up the text with her rapturously shy smile. At the designated arrival station, the couple find themselves descending a step elevator, and in an almighty coincidence, Miyoko is ascending the same elevator. As they pass midway, Miyoko cries out to Shoya. They meet up, and retire to an outside bench, where the three get caught up from old times. Miyoko now knows sign language, and converses in sign language with Shoko, whom she has never forgotten. A very tall, thin, and stately Miyoko with the looks of a fashion model, so unlike the chubby, quiet girl from before, wants to know if Shoko's boobs are getting bigger ( they are !!! ), and wants to 'have a feel' for herself. Both girls tussle, laughing all the time. Thus, a friendship that seemingly was lost, was in fact, renewed and given another chance to flourish !

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