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The Cutie Map parts 1 & 2

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The Cutie Map parts 1 & 2

Post by Princess Poison on Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:57 pm

In part 1 - Princess Twilight and her friends unlock a magical map in her new castle, which leads them to a rather mysterious village where the inhabitants have given up their cutie marks.

Part 2 - Following the loss of their cutie marks, the Mane Six are locked inside one of the village houses as unwilling permanent residents. As a result of their talents being taken away, Rarity has lost her sense of fashion, Fluttershy is unable to communicate with animals, Applejack has lost her country-style mannerisms, and Pinkie Pie is less cheerful.

Twilight Sparkle, curious about Starlight Glimmer's Staff of Sameness, tries to think of a way to escape and eventually suggests pretending to accept the villagers' way of life. Because Fluttershy has been the most optimistic about the village since their arrival, her friends decide she is the only one whose pretending will be believed.
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