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The Visit at the Vonder Village Playground

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The Visit at the Vonder Village Playground

Post by MyLittleCarouselPony on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:45 am

Somewhere out there, along the distant horizon, a bell is ringing. What does that mean ? Oh, yeah! It must be morning, already ! So thought Caravelle, as she lies in bed, eyes still closed. Morning !?! Deftly, and without opening her eyes, she reaches out and touches the alarm to turn it off. Eventually, Caravelle slowly opens one eye, and observes the posters on her bedroom wall. Her two favorite Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Saturn. A wall scroll of an anime girl, like herself, who used to be boy, Shuichi Nitori, from the anime Wandering Son. And a poster of Jazz Jennings, the brave girl who told everyone that she was not a boy. Rolling over, Caravelle wants to go back to sleep. But, No ! What is it about today that I must do ? Oh, yeah! I am going to meet another little girl named Lesley.

Slowly, Caravelle showers, and dresses herself. I have to look nice, she muses, so, how about a white shirt with little blue flowers all over it, a black pleated mini-skirt, frilly socks, and my favorite Mary Janes ? She puts on light beige eye shadow and clear lip gloss, because even though a tween girl, she is allowed to wear light makeup. As Caravelle is putting her hair up into twin tails with My Little Pony ribbons, she remembers something. I was with my girlfriends the other day, and the gossip among the girls was that a new girl had been seen on the playground. My friend, Sherry Ormsby, even talked to her, and found out that she is a Canadian girl. How wonderful ! Sherry said that she looks real cute, she reminded her of a 5 year old girl. Sherry's family is wealthy, and it seems that they know everybody and everything.

After breakfast, Caravelle grabs her purse and cell phone, and tells her guardian and caretaker that she is going to the playground, and when she will be back home. She walks the few blocks to the playground, and sees that it is already busy with many people and families on this Saturday morning. Now where would the new girl be ? Sherry described what she looks like to me, I just have to look and see who is here. Caravelle slowly walks around most of the large playground, but is disappointed that she has not seen who she is looking for. Maybe I need to come at a different day, thought Caravelle, as she begins to walk back across the wide playground.

But then she sees a group of picnic benches off to the side, and a little girl is sitting on one, all alone. Cautiously, Caravelle approaches the girl. Yep, that is the new girl that Sherry had described. And yes, she does remind me of a five year old. She is wearing what looks like a pink little girl's birthday party dress, and OMG, she does look like a princess ! Caravelle comes near to the bench, but inadvertently startles the girl. Oh No ! Taken aback by her own clumsiness, Caravelle freezes, as the new girl looks on, expressionless.  

" Uh, Um, I mean . . . . Hi ! My name is Caravelle, and I'm sorry ! I did not mean to frighten you ! Is your name Lesley ? "

" Maybe .  .  .  .  "

" I just wanted to welcome you to Vonder Village and the Vonder Village Playground. May I sit down with you ? "

Lesley only looks at Caravelle with a steady gaze, silent, expressionless .  .  .  .  "

( If it is pleasing to you, Lesley, maybe you would like to add to this narrative. We are in an alternate universe, or an alternate time/space dimension, and both of us are little girls, or tween girls. Nothing adult-like is here, this is just another way, abit different, of communicating and being friendly in cyberspace. )

" It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to;
You would cry, too, if it happened to you ! "


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