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Question and Observation

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Question and Observation

Post by Xylo,TheCarouselPony on Thu May 23, 2013 4:13 am

Faith_the_Faerie wrote:
Spectra wrote:

[Jennifer, dear,] It also feels to me like you're more trying to promote your own church and personal belief system than actually trying to find kindred spirits here, but that could be my natural cynicism talking.

Also, on another note, if you felt you had to create your own [unique] church because NONE of the other ones were preaching what you believe in...
What exactly is holding you to [your] particular brand of faith, if none of the literally hundreds of sects can't speak to you? It's illogical to take a dogma that is supposed to be infallible and alter it to fit your perception.

The above thoughts crossed my mind, too, Jennifer. You seem to be buying into the common thought that is found throughout the culture of all of Christendom, that is, " It's all about Me and My Beliefs ", and " I don't work for God, God works for me ". ( Judges 21:25 )

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